How To Renew Your Passport Whilst Abroad

How To Renew Your Passport Whist Abroad

Sometimes travelling isn't always straight forward, you may need to renew your passport while in another country or could even face travel problems after a passport has been lost or stolen. Take a look below to find out more about travel and your passport.

Before booking any travel plans we always recommend checking your passport expiry date and making sure you have a minimum validity period of 3 months. When travelling to countries such as Brazil, Ecuador, Turkey, Tunisia and Israel you are required to have a minimum of six months validity on your passport.

If you happen to get in a situation where your passport expires while you are abroad don’t panic, there are options available to you so you can get home or continue with your travels.

Renewing your passport while aboard

If you are currently abroad and need to renew your passport follow the below link to the UK Gov Website and complete each of the requested steps in the application process.

When applying for a passport while abroad there is the standard passport fee as well as an extra courier fee of £19.86 to send your passport to the place you are residing in outside of the UK.

It is important to note a passport application can take longer than 4 weeks, therefor it is important to only book travel once your passport has arrived.

For travel which is more urgent, we recommend applying for an Emergency Travel Document.

Emergency Travel Document

If you are unable to get a replacement passport in time for your travels or departure from a country you may be eligible to apply for an Emergency Travel Document (often referred to as an emergency passport).

An Emergency Travel Document allows you to leave the country you are currently into travel to your desired destination. It is important to remember you are only able to travel to your desired destination via a maximum of 5 countries, The Emergency Travel Document is also only valid for the granted travel plans.

To apply for an Emergency Travel Document it will cost you £100 and you will need to apply at the British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate in person. When applying it is important to take with you a completed Emergency Travel Document, recent passport sized photo, proof of your travel plans and a police report if your passport has been stolen.

Source: UK Gov Website