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The Pacific Coast Highway Places to Visit and Sights to See

Take an incredible journey along Pacific Coast Highway and discover iconic sights, stunning views and captivating places.
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Collision Damage Waiver

Car Hire Agreements are full of confusing terms and conditions which almost seem designed to trip up the uninformed.
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Exploring the Fascinating Sights of the Historic Route 66 Road Trip

Are you an adventurous traveller with a yearning to experience something awe-inspiring? Look no further than the famous Route 66 road trip! This iconic stretch of highway, stretching 2,451 miles between Chicago and Santa Monica in California
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The Ultimate Guide To USA Road Trips

Welcome to a new series of blogs that take you to the USA and some of the great road trips available across the States. Our first blog give you a flavour of what is available.
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Our Car Hire Excess Insurance

What are the key elements that make for great car hire excess insurance.
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A Parent's Guide To Holiday Car Hire

The fact that stree free car journeys for parents with children involve much more than having an answer to the inevitable 'are we there yet' question, especially if the trip involves long journeys.
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How To Save Money On Car Hire

Our guide on saving money on car hire.
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Luxury Holidays On A Low Budgets

When it comes to choosing a holiday everyone wants to find a bargain, but that doesn't mean that corners have to be cut and that creature comforts are off the list. Finding a luxury getaway that doesn't break the bank can be fun to do and even better when it comes to going and enjoying it. So whether it is a specific part of the world that offers that little extra, or the journey itself that makes things a bit special, here are some ideas to help you find luxury holidays on low budgets
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Swerving Harsh Fines When Driving In Europe

Whether it means taking your own car or hiring a rental vehicle, taking a driving holiday around Europe is now one of the most popular roads trips.
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The Safest Countries To Drive In

With driving holidays increasing in popularity, one of the biggest concerns relates to how safe it is to drive in other countries. Driving in new surroundings, using a hire car and even coping with different weather conditions all bring a certain degree of risk.
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Tackling Unfair Car Rental Damage Charges

The vast majority of us opt to hire a car when on holiday, but what happens if the rental company tries to charge for damage you’re convinced you didn’t do?
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Holiday Driving Safety Tips

A driving holiday can be a great way to enjoy going to different places in a way that is truly bespoke – whether that means a… romantic road trip for two in a soft top, low slung speedster or something more suited to a family excursion. However, whether you are going on a UK staycation or taking your vehicle overseas, there are some basic safety tips that can apply to all scenarios.
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London Attractions And Car Hire

If you are visiting London, you may decide to hire a car so that you can add a level of flexibility and personal choice to your itinerary that you simply do not get with public transport. For anyone who hasn't driven in the UK's capital city before it can be something of an eye opener, even if you are used to the roads in other major urban conurbations around the country.
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Driving in Europe Checklist

A driving holiday can be one of the most relaxing ways to see the sights and visit as many different places as possible in one go, but if you are travelling abroad there are various legal obligations, road laws and other factors to take into account to ensure your trip goes without a hitch.
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Learn A Car Hire Tip From A Veteran Traveller

At Direct Car Excess, we occasionally hear from previous customers or travel bloggers on their experiences abroad, negotiating the difficulties of hidden costs, extra charges or nasty surprises that come with hiring a car abroad. We heard from Jeremy, a regular business traveler, who agreed to speak with us about the landmines most people will encounter with car hires, how he gets around them, and general advice on self-planned trips.
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How To Save Money On Your Summer Holiday

If you’re preparing to jet off in the coming months, there are plenty of ways that you can ensure you don’t blow your entire holiday budget in the first few days of your trip.
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Driving License Scam

In June 2016 the government issued a warning about a new driving license and vehicle tax scam being distributed to the public, via text message, email and telephone.
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Uninsured Travellers Killing Time

The FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) has released details of the ten oddest calls it has acknowledged in the past year, mainly coming from British expatriates or travellers. These include a caller asking for assistance obtaining illegal employment in Singapore, a home sick expatriate asking where they night find some English bacon, a mother asking for contact details of a young British YouTube star because her son was a fan of his videos, a man planning on moving to Spain who was concerned that he might see nudists walking the streets.
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Frequently Asked Parking Questions

We have all been in that situation where we have driven to our desired destination and are faced with a whole host of car parking dilemmas, such as can I park here? How long for? And how much does it cost? Take a look below for some of the most frequently asked car parking questioned answered.
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What You Should Not Leave Behind When Going On A Business Trip

Are you known for your trips away for business? Then it's easy to put packing as the last thing to do before you go on your trip. There always seems to be other main concerns, including preparing properly for the meetings you have planned. But it is always worth taking some care in preparing everything you need. There are a few items which you may oversee when packing at the last minute which could ensure that your trip goes without a drawback.
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How To Renew Your Passport Whilst Abroad

Sometimes traveling isn’t always straight forward, you may need to renew your passport while in another country or could even face travel problems after a passport has been lost or stolen. Take a look below to find out more about travel and your passport.
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Who Are ABTA And ATOL?

Understanding the roles of these two travel organisations.
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Information About Biometric Passports

Recently there has been a lot in the media about travelling with biometric passports, please take a look below to find out more about the biometric passport and how it may affect you and your travels.
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What Happens At The Car Hire Desk?

Take a look below to find out more about what happens at a car hire desk and how car hire excess insurance can benefit you.
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