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Stay safe and have a great time

Common sense advice for a great holiday.


Passports, driving licence (if you are hiring a vehicle), airport tickets, instructions provided by your travel company, travel insurance certificate, travel money (consider using a travel card these are super easy to use, you normally get a great rate and can recharge them via an app in our opinion much better than cash). Essential medication, enough for your trip plus some extra just in case you are delayed.

Rules have changed in relation to travel within the EU if you are a British passport holder. This includes the amount of time you are allowed to stay in the EU and minimum amounts of time required to be left on your pasport before it expires.

Check you have the right VISA and if required, make sure that your have registered with the country you are visting for example the USA required registration for an ESTA. Be careful when registering for a VISA there are many companies out there who offer a VISA registration services and charge a fee. Our advice is to register with the Government department directly to avoid unnecessary charges.

Some countries also require you to have certain vaccinations before you travel.

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is no longer valid for British Citizens so Travel Insurance is essential. Do not be left with huge medical bills that can ruin your financially.

If you have a pre-existing condition have you declared this to your Travel Insurer? Once you have bought your travel insurance and you suffer a new condition let your travel insurer know.

Is your travel insurance appropriate for your travel plans? If you are intending to take part in activities make sure that your travel insurance covers those activities.

Print a copy of the insurance certificate and keep it with your other travel documents it will normally contain the emergency number to call in the event of an incident which requires treatment. Many insurance policies have a clause requiring you to call the energency assistance number if treatment is likely to be above a limit.

You are here on so you are already making a sensible decision to protect your financial laibility. When you pick-up your vehicle take the time to inspect the hired vehicle and ask yourself does the vehicle appear to be roadworthy? Are the tyres in good conditionm what happens if you have a puncture? Are there any warning lights on? Has all previous damage been noted on the handover sheet? Do some research about local driving laws such as speed limits, when and what to report to the police etc.

Make sure that you know your weight allowance. Airlines differ in their approach to luggae weight. Some allow a a total weight allowance for your party others its a per person allowance. Spread you clothes out across all suitcases in case one or more go missing and this includes any essential medication that you are taking with you. Do not place high value items in your luggage carry these in your hand luggage. We would recommend only taking away essential items, many thravel insurance policies have quite low single item limits for personal possessions. Insuring these items under the All RIsks section of your household contents insurance might be more appropriate.