Luxury Holidays On A Low Budget

Luxury Holidays On A Low Budget

When it comes to choosing a holiday everyone wants to find a bargain, but that doesn't mean that corners have to be cut and that creature comforts are off the list. Finding a luxury getaway that doesn't break the bank can be fun to do and even better when it comes to going and enjoying it. So whether it is a specific part of the world that offers that little extra, or the journey itself that makes things a bit special, here are some ideas to help you find luxury holidays on low budgets.

Indulging yourself

The whole idea of going on holiday for many people revolves around getting away from the stresses and strains of day to day life, so you’ll undoubtedly be pleased to know that it’s still possible to indulge yourself and relax in a way that might be a little more luxurious than usual, even on a budget.

Of course, everyone will have a different idea of what luxury means. For some, it can simply be sitting in the sun on a beach that looks like something from a film, while for others it's all about 5 star accommodation and everything that goes with it. It all comes down to the fact that a little bit of luxury can be a good thing, regardless of how you view it.

Although many budget deals for luxurious property require you to book some time in advance of your trip, it’s also possible to snap up a bargain if you have the flexibility to wait until the last minute. Airlines and hotels will often offer unsold seats and rooms at lower prices if you are able to purchase and travel within a week, or sooner.

All-inclusive holidays

All-inclusive holidays used to have a bad reputation as the low-end cheap option, but today that couldn't be further from the truth. Many long-haul destinations such as Cancún in Mexico are famous for the all-in packages that offer top quality features. Not only can you expect the very best in accommodation, quality and range of food on offer, and of course fantastic scenery when you choose the right deal, you can also enjoy temperatures of around 30°C as early as May.

There are many destinations in the Caribbean, South America, Asia and Africa, as well as around Europe, that can provide you will the highest quality all-inclusive resorts that can really be the makings of a holiday of a lifetime.

Clubbing together for a villa?

Of course another aspect of choosing a holiday that often has an impact on budgets is how big your party is and whether or not you are travelling with family members. If you are travelling with very young children or older relatives it can place restrictions on the kind of destination or accommodation that is both practical and which you can afford.

One way to get the most for your money is by renting a luxury villa, and this is a particularly popular way for families to enjoy trips to Florida. As the most south-eastern state in the United States, Florida is surrounded by the ocean and is a perfect destination for lovers of the sun and the sea. Of course, it is also famous for its many tourist attractions too, most of which are extremely family friendly. Florida also has wonderful weather all year round, but it isn't too hot either. June, July and August usually see average highs of around 28°C.

Luxury camping

In the same way that the whole idea of an all-inclusive holiday has changed in terms of perceptions, so too has that of enjoying the outdoor life to the full. Luxury camping or 'glamping' is now the choice of many people looking for a cost-effective way to have a family holiday on a budget but with some serious high-end fun included. The idea has caught on in the UK and around Europe, so it's not just something that anyone considering a staycation needs to consider.

'Glamping' is all about enjoying an up-market luxury outdoor holiday and as the name suggests, it usually has quite a touch of glamour about it. In part due to the success of festivals such as Glastonbury, a whole new generation has fallen in love with the idea of getting back to nature on holiday. North Brittany in France is just one of the locations that offer some great opportunities for luxury camping, with destinations such as St Malo and Rennes being high on the list of places to visit.


The idea of a driving holiday might not immediately conjure up the concept of luxury but all it needs is a little imagination. Who could deny that hiring a convertible and heading off on a romantic getaway doesn't have an air of glamour and the high life attached to it and it can cost a lot less than you might think.

Another very popular yet highly cost-effective way of adding a luxurious sheen to a road trip is using a modern mobile home, which can rival top-end hotels when it comes to interior designs and features.

If a driving holiday does appeal, make sure you factor in having adequate insurance too, as you’ll want to know you have protection in place should something go awry.