What You Should Not Leave Behind On A Business Trip

What You Should Not Leave Behind On A Business Trip

Are you known for your trips away for business? Then it's easy to put packing as the last thing to do before you go on your trip. There always seems to be other main concerns, including preparing properly for the meetings you have planned. But it is always worth taking some care in preparing everything you need. There are a few items which you may oversee when packing at the last minute which could ensure that your trip goes without a drawback.

You’re more unlikely to forget important items like your travel documents, money and clothing, although it could be worth making a tick list just in case. Some of the things that you might forget can be sorted at your destination, but there are a few extras which it really pays to remember. Holiday Extras now have a handy online app that you can use for your trips away, it will keep you updated on any flight changes and the handy app also has a check list on what you’ll need for your trip away, why not take a look - Holiday Extras - Holiday Check List


If you are going overseas then take numerous power adaptors so that you can charge your devices and equipment when you need to, the main one normally being your mobile device. It can be almost impossible to find the right adaptors in some countries. Even if they are available, this will be of little comfort when you have retired to your room for the night. Finding enough power outlets can also be a problem in many hotel rooms. If you have several devices that you need to use, then a multi-socket adaptor would be a very wise investment and essential addition in your baggage. 

Business Cards

Business cards will most likely always travel with you, but make sure that you take more than you think you might need, there are always those unforeseen business opportunities. It can also be helpful to take some of your co-workers cards along just in case you could be uncontactable. 

There are now a few apps that are out on the market that can really improve your travels and even reduce packing, a good app to consider is CamCard, Use CamCard to capture all your business cards, and all the contact information can be quickly & accurately read and saved to your smartphone. 

Health Concerns

Hopefully, you would never travel without sufficient health insurance. Please bear in mind that the EHIC is no longer valid when travelling in the EU so travel insurance is an essential especially if you have health concerns or a pre-existing medical condition(s).